Renovate an old house to make it look like new.

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Renovating an old house Interior Design Bangkok Esclusivo

Bangkok Interior Esclusivo Renovating an old house, whether it's a renovation of allocated house, a detached house, or a second-hand house, can increase convenience, safety, and make your home more enjoyable. Good planning is important in the renovation process. You should consider the needs of the residents, the appropriate budget, and the current condition of the house.

To turn an old house into a new one, you should consider improving the exterior of the house, such as the roof, walls, house color, and landscaping. As for the interior, you should focus on upgrading the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms, giving priority to electrical and plumbing systems and safety.

Investing in this renovation not only brings satisfaction and happiness to you and your family but also increases the value of your home.

Preserving the uniqueness of your home is another idea to renovate your house to make it more livable and retain the essence and identity of the homeowners.

In the process of renovating an old house, it is important to choose experienced and skilled contractors, and before renovating, you should check their contracts, portfolio, and working process.


Reuse materials

In the renovation process, you can reuse materials such as old bricks, stones, and furniture to create interest and beauty, while also being environmentally friendly.

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Expand usable space

Expanding the space of your home can provide more functional areas that meet the needs of the members of the household. The budget for house remodeling depends on the details and changes in the space.

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Ideas for renovating bathrooms and kitchens

Gardening or outdoor spaces, such as planting trees, arranging tables and chairs, or creating relaxation areas for people in the house or welcoming guests, can make your home more interesting and closer to nature, which contributes to physical and mental well-being.

Kitchen Design

The bathroom and kitchen are essential places in the house as they are used all the time. Upgrading the bathroom and kitchen to be modern and more convenient can be done by adding fixtures or appliances, improving plumbing and electrical systems to enhance efficiency and safety for the residents.

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Ideas for renovating bedrooms

The bedroom is a space where we spend time sleeping, resting, and using our minds the most. It is a place where we can express ourselves. Therefore, upgrading the bedroom to be more comfortable and relaxing can be done by changing the wall color, installing new furniture, or designing the bedroom according to your usage.

Furthermore, you can change the flooring or walls to a modern style for beauty and contemporary appeal. This includes using furniture or minimalist decor or using natural materials. Additionally, repainting the walls can create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere for the home.


At Bangkok Interior Esclusivo, we provide comprehensive design and renovation services with a professional team that will transform your old house into a beautiful, modern, and long-lasting home. Whether you want to renovate your old house into your dream home, we offer design services along with renovations that not only make your home beautiful, modern, and unique but also make the renovation experience easy and worthwhile. You’ll have a brand new home.